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Submission Instructions

Ukrainica Bioorganica Acta requires authors to submit their manuscripts by email bioorganica@ukr.net
or by regular mail on 3,5' diskette to:
Ukrainica Bioorganica Acta
Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics,
NAS of Ukraine
150 Zabolotny Str.
Kyiv-143, 03143, Ukraine

A covering letter must accompany each submission indicating the name, address email number, telephone number, and fax number of the Author to whom all correspondence is to be addressed. The context of submitted manuscript will be original material, has not previously published, and is not being submitted for elsewhere. Authors are encouraged to provide the names and addresses of two to five potential, impartial reviewers for consideration by the Editors.


The file of the manuscript no more than 10-12 pages of the text, including the tables, references, figures with description, summary (4-6 lines), resume (8-10 lines) and keywords (no more than 5) is represented by the author in Ukrainian or English language. Rewiev-like article should not exceed 20-22 pages. The mail addresses of the institution, email, the authors surnames, names must be denoted. Authors are encouraged to provide Ukrainian manuscripts 1-2 page English resume. The original manuscripts in .DOC format (Microsift Word) is to be prepared with single interval and "Arial" font, size 12. Approximate structure of the article: "Introduction", "Materials and methods", "Results and discussion", "Conclusions".
are compounded in the order of citing. Such information must be given surnames and initials of all authors in original transcription, title of article from the journal or book, title of the journal and book: for periodic issues - 1) year; 2) volume; 3) number of issues; 4) number of the first and the last pages; for the place of issue, title of publishing house, year of issue, number of pages. In the text of paper the references must be ordered in brackets.
he tables
must be entitled and numbered. It is necessary to give the references to the tables in the text of paper. The notices and references to the tables are typed with single interval under the tables. In the formulas and numerical data it is necessary to sign clearly exponents, subscripts and superscripts.
(no more to than six items) may be represented in monochrome or color mode.
he pictures
or photos should be legible, no more than 12 * 20 cm. The explanations to the figures must be placed bottom of the figures. The location of a figure must be indicated in the text of the manuscript.

and copyright

The paper is accompanied by an Official Direction of the institution, were one of the authors work's. Authors are encouraged to send Official Direction by fax or email too.
No article can be published unless accompanied by a signed publication agreement, which serves as a transfer of copyright from author to journal.
In case of deflection of paper the edition sends to the author the advice with motives of the deflection.